Debian 10

Debian 10

I have to say I am enjoying my upgrade to Debian 10. I have not really done much out side your normal user stuff since the upgrade, but my Thinkpad T450s is great with it. I really like the Bootup and login style. The same just a little more cleaned up looking.

I do find that the Trackpoint is a little fast. If I turn down the mouse sensitivity to fix it, my mouse on the dock seems way to slow. Need to find the happy medium for it.

LapDesk Part 2

LapDesk Part 2

So I have been using the DIY Lapdesk off and on for a few weeks now. I actually have grown to really like the thing. I did not spent to much time gaming the past little while, but i have played a few mouse and keyboard heavy games from my sofa.

  • Glass Masquerade
  • Quake Champions
  • Intrude
  • DooM
  • Doom 2
  • Borderlands 2

The main issue was storing the thing.. I would have stored it Vertical if I didn’t always feel like moving the keyboard around. I did think to Velcro the keyboard down, but decided against it.

Feels like I move it around depending on which game a fair amount.

I am normally not a fan of shelves and stuff being out, but I had no other option to store this thing, where it was handy and out of the way.

LapDesk Storage Shelf
Steam Library Back Log

Steam Library Back Log

So I made up a list of all the games in my current Steam Library that I would like to actually play or finish still, and its a massive one..

Steam Games Still To Play

  • 8 Bit Armies
  • Battle Chasers
  • Bio Shock (Have all to play, but should start here?)
  • Doom
  • Fallout 4
  • Full Throttle Remastered
  • Inside
  • Kings Quest
  • Jotun
  • Kopanito Soccer
  • Mega Man Legacy Collection
  • Shadow of Mordor
  • Monster Hunter World (Still have to finish main Campain, but close)
  • Never Alone
  • Owl Boy
  • Rime
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider (Loved the first in the reboot)
  • Rusted Warfare
  • Shadow Tactics
  • Street Fighter V
  • Yooka Laylee
  • Xcom Enemy Unknown
  • Transistor (Have a feeling I really wont end up liking this one)
  • The Banner Saga
  • Fez
  • Friday The 13th The Game
  • Grid 2 (Maybe junk out on it for a weekend and never go back)
  • Pixel Junk Monsters 2
  • Borderlands 2

I think I need to just start trying some games and moving on if they don’t grab me.. I always feel guilty if I don’t finish a game and resist going to another until I am done.

I loose interest in one and then refuse to move onto another..

Think my goal should be to clear out this list and if I don’t like something move on.

DIY Gaming LapDesk

DIY Gaming LapDesk

I give you the Gaming LapDesk

It’s built from plywood, Some Yoga Blocks and an Anti Slip Mat from the $tore. I already had a bunch of sticky Velcro strips, so the investment in this was pretty cheap (Under $30 CAD).

I added a old hub I picked up at a local Thrift Ship for $2. I plug the keyboard and mouse into it. Then twist tie up the cables nice, and add a single longer cable to run to my TV center.

Could have gone wireless, but for cost and not having to deal with batteries I like the wired option.

I picked up the cheapest Logitech keyboard the LCS (Local Computer Shop) had in stock. It feels cheap, but not nearly as cheap as I expected. Will prob look to replace these in the future.

The Anti Slip Mat from the $tore was for inside drawers. It worked amazingly well. I used a ton of white glue to stick it down, put a board on top, and piled some paint cans on top for the night.

The finished thing actually feels pretty nice. I can see where I could improve a Model 2 version of this.. So maybe soon I will make an update.

I can’t take all the credit for this amazingly great creation of fun. I fist saw something close to this via DIY DAVE on YouTube. I ended up using the yoga block idea, but think I might try to make folding legs to store it away better on the next model.

Time to get back to some Borderlands 2. Been starting to play this in co-op with a buddy. Also been working on finishing off some single player fps games.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Developer Diary #1 Thoughts

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Developer Diary #1 Thoughts

I have not completed Monster Hunter World at this point, but that’s how my gaming life goes these days. Play something for a while, burn out on it around 20 hours, and hopefully come back later.

Monster Hunter games I usually get a boost to finish the last off when the next one releases. I can feel that itch starting to grow with the September release of Iceborne DLC on the consoles. I play on Steam, so its release will be a few months after that I think.

My Favorite Features From Developer Diary 1:

  • The ‘View Mode’ thing is pretty sweet as someone who loves to post images of new armor sets.
  • The New Gathering Hub looks great!
  • The Squad Card system looks good, but a little more “into it” than I would ever be.
  • The PlayStation Home type room looks interesting, but not something I would see myself using.