My Dive Into Comics

I have always liked the idea of comics and loved the art, but have always been a outsider to the hobby. As a child I only ever got a hand full of comics from garage sales and other hand me downs. It was something interesting, but nothing I went full into. Looking back it would have been a much better hobby than the baseball card collecting of the 90s.

In any case it seemed like a good idea to get my middle aged self into comics. As I am currently trying to really pair down the physical possessions I keep (having just sold off a huge video game collection), digital seems like the best option. Digital has really created a  great time to be getting into comics! Never before have you had so much access to comics from all times and places with just the click of a button (and maybe a credit card transaction).

This is where the Lenovo Tab 10 TB-X103F Tablet comes in.. It’s not going to win any awards for the Fastest, most modern, or even best looking tablet. But it’s got a nice bright screen, a great battery life, a fair price (Lenovo Tab 10 TB-X103F @, and at 10 inches. Perfect for reading comics!

I have read two small comics series with about 6 or 8 comics in each. I would consider my tate so far to  be off beat from the normal Super Hero stuff, and will share some of that in later posts.

On that note!

I like the way a fellow blogger gdub runs a few different series on his blog (The War Report, By The Numbers, State of the Game, etc). I may do the same and start  one for comic books I have enjoy or hate. I will just need to come up with a name.


A Few Changes and Staying Home

After 10+ years with the local company I have been working for, I was let go a week and a half ago. Having never been let go from a job it was a little bit of a shock.

The feeling of “what will I do” quickly diminished as Erika and I had played around with the idea of me staying home when Trent starts school in September.  This would mean I could be home for before and after school with him. I could also try to pick up some odd jobs (lawns, coding, some small reno work) while he is at school. It will be no easy feat going from a two pay house hold to a one pay, but we have started to put some things in place that will hopefully make that work.

Before all this came down I did get a new laptop and a tablet. So I will have post some specs on them and go over my use for the tablet.

Clear Transfer Stats for Transmission Client Debian Linux

The Transmission Gui has a counter in the bottom right that will tell you:

  • Total Ratio
  • Session Ratio
  • Total Transfer
  • Session Transfer

The Session Ratio and Transfer is what you would expect.. The amount since you last started up Transmission.

The Total Ratio and Transfer is from the start of time using Transmission or since you last cleared the stats.

You can clear the stats by deleting the stats.json file located in ~/.config/transmission/stats.json

rm ~/.config/transmission/stats.json

Its handy to clear this the start of every month or setup a cron to do this for you. I find it just lets me keep my downloading a little more under control.