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Disable Steam RB LB Quick Links in Big Picture Mode

If you are like me and spend most of your gaming time on the sofa in Steam Big Picture Mode, then you have probably noticed how annoying it is to accidentally hit your controllers LB or RB button and quick loaded the Chat and Web ‘Tabs’.

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lakka Bluetooth Controllers Not Saving

So I have been playing around with running lakka on a old thinkpad x201 I have. I was running it…

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Happy Doom Day

Happy Doom Day Everyone!

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Changed Up My Theme

Switch the theme on here to Nucleare.

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Valve Kills Steam Link Hardware

It appears that Valve have stopped making its Steam Link Hardware, and are moving to just using the Steam Link…

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Moving Blog and Round Up

How many blog posts in the blogosphere start with “Well its been a while since”, or “I have not posted…

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A little Social for the Anti-Social

I have setup my GNU Social Instance again at I don’t have any RL people active on it. If…

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TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 Router

I have been having some packet loss on my Home Internet connection off and on for a few week. It…

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Clear Transfer Stats for Transmission Client Debian Linux

The Transmission Gui has a counter in the bottom right that will tell you: Total Ratio Session Ratio Total Transfer…

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The New Flattr Seems Horrible

I have been a fan of flattr for years now, and although it never really took off I thought it…