My Dive Into Comics

I have always liked the idea of comics and loved the art, but have always been a outsider to the hobby. As a child I only ever got a hand full of comics from garage sales and other hand me downs. It was something interesting, but nothing I went full into. Looking back it would have been a much better hobby than the baseball card collecting of the 90s.

In any case it seemed like a good idea to get my middle aged self into comics. As I am currently trying to really pair down the physical possessions I keep (having just sold off a huge video game collection), digital seems like the best option. Digital has really created a  great time to be getting into comics! Never before have you had so much access to comics from all times and places with just the click of a button (and maybe a credit card transaction).

This is where the Lenovo Tab 10 TB-X103F Tablet comes in.. It’s not going to win any awards for the Fastest, most modern, or even best looking tablet. But it’s got a nice bright screen, a great battery life, a fair price (Lenovo Tab 10 TB-X103F @, and at 10 inches. Perfect for reading comics!

I have read two small comics series with about 6 or 8 comics in each. I would consider my tate so far to  be off beat from the normal Super Hero stuff, and will share some of that in later posts.

On that note!

I like the way a fellow blogger gdub runs a few different series on his blog (The War Report, By The Numbers, State of the Game, etc). I may do the same and start  one for comic books I have enjoy or hate. I will just need to come up with a name.


A Few Changes and Staying Home

After 10+ years with the local company I have been working for, I was let go a week and a half ago. Having never been let go from a job it was a little bit of a shock.

The feeling of “what will I do” quickly diminished as Erika and I had played around with the idea of me staying home when Trent starts school in September.  This would mean I could be home for before and after school with him. I could also try to pick up some odd jobs (lawns, coding, some small reno work) while he is at school. It will be no easy feat going from a two pay house hold to a one pay, but we have started to put some things in place that will hopefully make that work.

Before all this came down I did get a new laptop and a tablet. So I will have post some specs on them and go over my use for the tablet.

Hand That Feeds Cat

I have a shirt I picked up in Toronto at one time. Its a Cat biting someones hand.. I have always just assumed it was something to do with the hand that feeds, but no idea..

In any case its getting a little worn out and I prob wont find another so I scanned it to keep a copy forever. 🙂