Tread Mill Desk

I have been rocking a fitbit since the start of 2017 as part of my get into better health. Needless to say I am normally in a Work Week Hustle or Weekend Warrior challenge with some friends and co-workers (see who can get the most steps).

Part of the issue with working at a desk all day, is I don’t get the steps in day I would like to see. I my evenings after work, Trent and I have a few hours to play, eat, and watch tv. After he settles into sleep I can either spend my remaining 45 to 60 min of the night on treadmill getting more steps, or on the computer. I have been wanting to mix the two after seeing many Tread Mill Desks online.

Well this weekend I finally got down to work on a nice simple design. I have to say, I am pretty happy with the setup thus far.

One downside to the Tread Mill Desk is that I have to keep the fitbit in my pocket.. On my wrist it does not get enough motion while I rest it on the laptop. Small price to pay, but it does keep pretty good count in the pocket just the same.

This post was written on the Tread Mill Desk. 🙂

Trent’s First Computer

I setup an old Thinkpad T60 I had as a bench computer in the garage for Mr. T running doudoulinux.

He is actually picking it up very quick for a 2 1/2 year old (I think). His mouse control is suprising me more than anything. Tux Paint is the top pick for his time right now.