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LapDesk Part 2

So I have been using the DIY Lapdesk off and on for a few weeks now. I actually have grown…

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Steam Library Back Log

So I made up a list of all the games in my current Steam Library that I would like to…

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DIY Gaming LapDesk

I give you the Gaming LapDesk It’s built from plywood, Some Yoga Blocks and an Anti Slip Mat from the…

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Developer Diary #1 Thoughts

My Favorite Features From Monster Hunter World Iceborne Developer Diary #1

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Disable Steam RB LB Quick Links in Big Picture Mode

If you are like me and spend most of your gaming time on the sofa in Steam Big Picture Mode, then you have probably noticed how annoying it is to accidentally hit your controllers LB or RB button and quick loaded the Chat and Web ‘Tabs’.

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Steam Summer Sale 2019

I told myself I would not get anything on the steam summer sale… Then I played inside at a friends…

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Magic The Gathering Arena Codes

All the ‘current’ Promo Codes for Magic The Gathering Arena

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Two Flash in a Bat Mobile

Trent and I finished Lego Batman 3 The Video Game a long while back. He decided today, he had to…

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My Dive Into Magic

When I was in high school I remember this thing coming out called Magic the Gathering. A few kids at…

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Finally Shut Down

A little while back I posted about having to many sites and not feeling all that motivated to keep them…