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When to say when…?

So I have had several other blogs over the years, the most successful of them has been I still…

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lakka Bluetooth Controllers Not Saving

So I have been playing around with running lakka on a old thinkpad x201 I have. I was running it…

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I can’t help myself, with game sales.

I ended up giving into a few game sales this week with the current Steam Winter Sale. Was hoping I…

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Play Street Fighter V Free

I am a huge fan of Street Fighter II and always will be. I am no expert, but have great…

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Happy Doom Day

Happy Doom Day Everyone!

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Valve Kills Steam Link Hardware

It appears that Valve have stopped making its Steam Link Hardware, and are moving to just using the Steam Link…

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2018 Steam Intergalactic Summer Sale

The Steam Intergalactic Summer Sale is in full swing and has several days left. I have been fighting the urge…

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Monster Hunter World Day 1