My Dive Into Magic

When I was in high school I remember this thing coming out called Magic the Gathering. A few kids at school would play this in the cafeteria on breaks and lunch. At one point someone tried to explain the game to me, cause I thought it looked interesting. I don’t think I put in much effort into learning it or they where bad at explaining it.. Something never clicked with it and I lost interest before they could finish. I have since avoid playing Magic the Gathering ever since….. till last night.

For some reason I picked up a mystery bag of old Magic cards at one of the local thrift shops. They where only $3 (It ended up being 200+ cards). I didn’t expect to find any expensive super rare cards, but the art has always fascinated me with them. I felt like I just wanted to look them over. Like this gem from my bag of mystery cards. The image, flavor text, and silliness of this card.

Pacifism M13 Core Set

I was thinking of collecting a M13 core set purely as a 249 card set (Akroma’s Memorial is the expensive one at about $20 CAD). The rest drop off pretty cheap and quick. Be fun to just buy a bag every now and then to see if I could complete it, and pick up most the harder stuff as singles over time.

The bag had mostly M13 Core Set commons and uncommon with a mix of others from M11, Zendikar, Avacyn Restored, Gatecrash, and more from around that time. Nothing to exciting.. It’s got more than enough to make a very bad M13 era deck I am sure.

Fast forward to a few hours later when The Dude has gone to bed…

I decide that the best way to see how magic is played was by playing the 2012 release Magic Duels. Its been changed to a free to play on steam and has “Many Bugs!”*

At one point I could not complete a tutorial because the game didn’t give me the card I need to complete it. I backed out of the tutorial and start it again getting the correct card the 2nd time. Another time it would instantly kill me and restart the tutorial. Outside of the tutorials it seems to be a much more stable game. The tutorials also seem very tacked on to a game that at the core I think might have been good.

In any case, I have been using it to learn how the game is played and have some AI to go against. After an hour I can beat the easy AI with out to much damage. I am using a default deck it auto built for me called Magical Armor. Thinking of switching to the default flying Airborne Armor, I really like attacking when I get a few flying. I don’t know enough of the cards to just build my own, so I think it best to just play a default deck and slowly try changing things one at a time.

To go back to the story of the high school cafeteria Magic session. I kinda wish I had payed a little more attention to it. Its actually a interesting game. Some of the cards seem a little complex, but I only have a few hours in to the game at this point. I can see how building a deck or tweaking one could be a very interesting thing to do. I don’t see myself dumping large amounts of money into cards. For now I will stick to AI in the game, and maybe just try to get all the M13 core set for fun.

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