New Family Member

I have not made a post about our newest family member, but did make some posts over on my GnuSocial Instance.

We have added Mr Lenny (Lenard if your being serious with him) to our family.

Lenny seems happy with his new home.

Lenny has taken to the house pretty good over all for a 7 month old. I think he has been here for just over a Month now… He still has a little more energy than I like in a cat (Older cats are more my speed).

Trent and Lenny get along pretty well over all. Other than the odd sneaky foot attack from under the bed when getting changed. Trent’s not a big fan of them, but now normally just tells Lenny he is “bad”. 🙂

Lenny has managed to take over the Christmas Tree and claim it as his giant plastic prize. I have pretty much given up trying to keep him out of that thing. He hasn’t knocked it over, but gets all over inside it. Knocks all the decorations off and bats them around the house. I don’t think anything breakable is left on the tree at this point, it’s more just a pain to rebuild the tree..

Lenny took to the litter box with no issues, and seems to be a little pig of a eater. My First orange cat Linus was a big fan of eating. A lot of things about Garfield are truly orange cat traits.

Lenny has his own microblog over on my GnuSocial Instance.

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