Steam Summer Sale 2019

Steam Summer Sale 2019

I told myself I would not get anything on the steam summer sale… Then I played inside at a friends house on his Xbox One. It seems like a solid 4 hour type game. With my limited private game time I really enjoy playing fun short games, I can finish in a few nights.

Glass Masquerade has been on my wishlist for a little while. Its hard not to just throw a wishlist game in the cart when its on sale for less than $2.

Ranger Rockers

Ranger Rockers

I am by no means an Auto Body Pro, but I did manage to clean up the Rocker Panels on my Mighty Ranger this week over a few days. Its not a complete 100% fix, but cleaned it up and will buy some time before it comes back again. Really if the truck is still running strong in a few years it will need some new rocker panels welded on.

Its a 2007, so its getting a little long in the tooth but more than enough truck for my needs.

A few spots of rust on the tail gate and bottom on the doors will be the next project as I get some time.

Magic The Gathering Arena Codes

Magic The Gathering Arena Codes

Not sure if anyone else is playing MTGA but here are all the ‘current’ promo codes if you happened to miss any.

  • PlayAllegiance
  • PlayRavnica
  • PlayWarSpark
  • StarterStyles
  • SuperScry
  • ParallaxPotion
  • FoilFungus
  • ShinyGoblinPirate
  • SparkleDruid
  • InnerDemon
  • OverTheMoon
  • ShieldsUp
  • WrittenInStone
  • EnlightenMe
  • MythicMagic

Last Updated Jun 25th 2019