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I am a huge fan of Street Fighter II and always will be. I am no expert, but have great memories playing it in the arcade and on my Super Nintendo. Been wanting to try out the latest one, and its free to play from Dec 11th to Dec 18th on Steam.

Just wish I didn’t have to download 28GB to try it. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Play Street Fighter V Free

  1. Wow, really? I’d have never suspected a Street Fighter game to go free. I’ve been a fan since the SFII days myself, but V really hits a sweet spot between awesome graphics and tight controls. I’ve had it since launch, but the recent “arcade edition” adds a ton of extra content. I wish there wasn’t all of the DLC for seasons and whatnot, but I’ve still bought them anyway. I’m playing on PS4, so if you ever get it on the console I’ll gladly accept a challenge. Most of my friends who sit next to me aren’t a challenge, perhaps you can dethrone me?

    1. Not sure I’m going to get much time into this over the free week. I did play a Street Fighter II mode with my goto Ken. The base game is $9.99 CAD on steam, so I might just grab that.

      They seemed to have really annoyed people in the reviews with the last update. They have ads display before each fight.. Its ads about character skins, but in a game someone could have paid $70 or more for thats a little much.

      Wont be on console any time soon. Sold all the consoles and went pure PC.

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