Steam Winter Sale

The Steam Winter Sale (2018) is on right now, and I checked over my wish for some savings. It almost looks like my want list from the Summer Sale this year. It would seem that the 3 games I wanted during it and put off getting, are still on my wish list now.

I have not picked up any of these games since that sale, and am still thinking about pick up the Battle Chasers: Nightwar on this sale. I always feel the need to want a classic RPG style game, the cut scenes in this one look amazing!

From my Summer Sale post, it would also seem I was only able to complete one game off the “Want To Complete List”.


I am not sure I will ever complete Doom. It looks like a great game, but after the original Quake Arena and UT games I have never been a huge fan of FPS games. I like the idea and some of the orig FPS games hold a very special place in history for me.

I need to stop thinking I will enjoy the new style FPS games as much as the classics.

Kings Quest

Kings Quest is a game I really do want to play, but hardly spend any of my playtime in the Computer chair. Mostly of my playtime is from the sofa with controller in hand.

I could dust off the steam controller and give it a go on this title..

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 I can see myself playing, but I have not felt the pull towards this game at all this year.

Mad Max

I actually started to play this and something happened to my save file that would have made me start again. I was not very far into the game, but the thought of having to do the stuff I had done again didn’t appeal to me.

Maybe I should give it another try, or look into the save file issue again.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

I wanted this game so bad being a fan of the original Commandos games. It might have been a little more of nostalgia than actually wanting it, cause I have not even put an hour into this game. It could also be that this is a sit at the desk type game.

Lego Batman 3

Lego Batman 3 is the one game on the list I was able to finish. Trent and I have a few hundred hours into this game. How much of that is actual game play and how much is just walking away leaving it running, we will never really know. Its playing on the tv in my office right now as i write this and he left the room a while ago..

It’s worth noting that we did finish this game, but have since bought all the DLC and have about 6 more achievements to get on steam before 100% completion of this game.

We have a back log of 3 or 4 lego games we own, and also a few on my wish list for later. They really are some of the best games to play with kids. He picked up the controller and was playing pretty well at 3 years old.

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