TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 Router

I have been having some packet loss on my Home Internet connection off and on for a few week. It comes in every few days and only lasts for 1 to 5 mins. Then just as quick as it came, it goes away. I had been trying to isolate the issue when ever it happened, and it seemed to be on the upstream after my isp most the time (UPDATE New Router did not resolve the outside packet loss issue)

I had been looking for a reason to replace my old dlink DIR-820L anyways (Wanted to move to Gigabit).

The Archer C7 was praised on cnet and other sites as a great budget router. My router needs are middle of the road to most (More features than standard users, but nothing crazy)..

I need:

  • Dynamic Wan
  • Virtual Servers, or Port Forwarding
  • DHCP Reservations (A nice to but I still do this on my Internal DHCP Server)
  • Wireless (Pretty much a given in this day and age)
  • At least 4 LAN Ports (Gigabit)
  • And something that does not look like an Alien Mother Ship..

The Archer C7 has a clean interface with most everything you would expect a Home Router to have. The Location of options in the Interface is pretty standard and should not be a issue for anyone that knows there way around your typical router.


After getting the Router all configured and in the server/network cubby under my basement steps it was off the races.

I actually notice a small improvement over the old router already on both wireless and wired. The big change will be moving files around from desktop to server now, with the wired gigabit connection.


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