When to say when…?

So I have had several other blogs over the years, the most successful of them has been

I still love to play the Monster Hunter games, but don’t nearly put as much time into them now. It’s a fair amount of work to keep that site current and up to date in the Monster Hunter News Scene. I have facebook pages, twitter, GNUSocial, Tumblr, YouTube, and who knows what else.. Its a very social driven site I guess..

I have been playing with the idea of dropping that blog and either just sitting on the domain, or sell the domain name. It has a ok ranking right now for a little known site. I don’t want to get into selling the content or the social groups, so would just delete all them.

Its hard when you have spent so much time doing something to stop doing it.. Even if you know its the right thing to do, you still feel like your giving up or walking away.

Would also like to just keep a minimal of online spaces to work in. I could post Monster Hunter stuff here if something really catches my fancy. Or just update casually on my progress in the game.

2 thoughts on “When to say when…?

  1. Yeah, this is why I’ve condensed all of my interests into one blog. It’s rough to try and spread your time around between multiple sites. I ran a wallpaper site for a year or so and also ran a podcast for a couple of years and when it came down to it, it was becoming a job to do them all at the same time. I’d either focus on that one site that seemed to have the best following, or just merge its contents here and keep it going “in spirit” despite the fact that you’d lose whatever following you had.
    It’s a tough call either way. But having a job and a family means needing downtime an not necessarily being able to use that downtime to work on a blog.
    I keep my blog going because it’s been a decade and a half and I refuse to let it die. It’s a hobby that’s as old (older) as I am. Writing is a dying art, so I am determined to keep writing. I’ll probably get back into podcasting again too, but I want the blog to live to be 50+ years old (at that time I’ll be ready to die myself).
    Whatever the case, I’m happy to have had you as a follower for over a decade, and I’ll gladly follow you back. Just keep in touch, that’s all I ask.

    1. I have played with the idea of automating a fair amount of the posting.. Its some what auto now for most the sharing to social media, etc.. As I have been deciding if I should kill off the other site or not, its traffic has doubled with no new posts. 🙂 go figure..

      I will prob always have a personal blog on the go for random posts. I guess I feel spending my time on another site no matter how many hits it gets is not a great use of my time right now.

      I also have to think a fair amount of that is all direct traffic and bouncing in the first 30 seconds.. So who is it really helping.. Maybe I should just park the domain and see what it does then.

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